Gotta Love Black Girl Magic!

If there has never been a time to celebrate being black, it would definitely seem fitting now. From black actors not being recognized at all at the Oscars for the

The City Of Cleveland Files A Claim Against The Family Of Tamir Rice!

The city of Cleveland has filed a $500 claim against the family of Tamir Rice, the toy-gun-wielding 12-year-old who was shot and killed by a cop in 2014, over an

We Celebrate The NAACP On Today!

On February 12, 1909,  The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded by a group of concerned black and white citizens in New York City. The

Happy 50th Anniversary to The Black Panthers!

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, we must acknowledge the 50th Anniversary of The Black Panthers. The Black Panther Party for Self-defense was founded in 1966 in Oakland

Maryland Decriminalizes Pot Paraphernalia and Smoking In Public

On last Thursday, the Maryland General Assembly decriminalized marijuana paraphernalia and smoking in public which caused and override to Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of the bill from last spring. The

New African American Museum Coming September 2016

Ladies & Gentlemen it has been finally been announced that on September 24, 2016, the doors will open to the new and long awaited National Museum of African American History

First West Nile, Now Zika!

What is summer without good food at cookouts, that hot blazing sun, going to the pool, and of course those annoying little mosquitos?! If you remember, a several years ago

Why is George Zimmerman Still Talking?

I really hate violence and hope nothing happens to this guy but I have to say that it feels like he is flirting with fate. It feels like he is