Gotta Love Black Girl Magic!

If there has never been a time to celebrate being black, it would definitely seem fitting now. From black actors not being recognized at all at the Oscars for the

Cam Newton Speaks Out About His Reaction To Losing The Super Bowl

So just in case you missed it, the Super Bowl was this past Sunday and the Denver Broncos won. In the midst of all the excitement, of course not everyone

ICYMI The SAG Awards were nothing but DIVERSE!

As Oscars fail to nominate a single person of color, African-Americans dominated the SAG awards.  In a year the Oscars failed to nominate a single person of color in the

Beyonce Stars in Coldplay’s “Hymn for the Weekend” Video

Before you see Beyonce perform with Coldplay–aka Coldbey–at Sunday’s Super Bowl, catch her now in the band’s just-released video for “Hymn for the Weekend,” the second single off their new album A

Women Have Stopped Sending OJ Money In Jail…. Ya Think?

Not saying you did it but…. this is what happens if you kill a woman. Other women decide to leave you alone as well. They say the Juice mad as

These Taxes Ain’t No Joke, Now They Got Tootie

It’s bad that the woman’s business is all out in the street but I’m glad that people are realizing that celeb life is just life with everybody looking, talking,examining and

Nelly’s #MikeBrown Scholarship

PimpJuice doin’ what the rest of us are ‘sposed to be doing. As a college grad I can see that he is changing and impacting these people in ways he

Is That PinkyXXX?

Ok, soooooo Pinky got big. It seems like business is still booming for her so what difference does it make? Whatchall think?